Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nalu returns home after a 14,000 mile, 55 day journey...

Our white hard top VW was wrapped in graphics by Spin Imaging before embarking on a journey that totaled 14,000 miles, and 55 days. Merchandise was given away by the 2 young men traveling in what was now the Cosmic Egg, our Nalu Imi (Wave Seeker). The VW moved about the U.S.A. as it followed various performers at a host of locations, all in an effort to promote Wolfmother's new album, Cosmic Egg.

Who is Wolfmother you ask? I had no idea until I asked my best friend's 18 year old son if he knew who Wolfmother was... all I can tell you was that his reaction was extreme. You can look them up on the web - the equivalent of Deep Purple and the '70's (my opinion only and I'm way out of the loop here) - hey that's the same era that Nalu hails from!


  1. Hey, that's pretty cool. Let us know how easy it comes off!

  2. The wrap came off easily, but the paint came off with it in several places. We figured this is due to the fact that Nalu didn't have a good paint job when we bought her, so now we'll need to paint sooner than later... we could just wrap her again ;)