Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bernd & Sandra :: Germany :: Big Sur, California Trip

Hi Bill,

As discussed on the way to the airport, find enclosed some pictures of our trip and some information about the campsite we found on Highway 1. The name is "Kirk Creek", 35 miles south of Big Sur, directly on the coast. For us it was one of the best campsites we ever found! You can find more information, also about the nearby "Plaskett Creek" on Recreation.gov. It was really a great trip with Taos along the Californian Coast, and for us it was like taking a little bit home with us because we are so familiar with the bus. If you ever will go on your trip to Europe and come to Germany, feel free to visit us (and our bus); perhaps we can share a short part of your Europe-trip together with two buses.


Bernd + Sandra

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  1. We took Taos to Kirk Creed in May this year on our honeymoon, and we totally agree it was our favourite campsite by far. Just stunning. We had a pitch down by the walk in camps overlooking the ocean, and Rick the camp host was just fantastic. Ah, memories...!

    Rachel and Nick, Ireland